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Heli Simpson - Veronica Di Angelo Veronica always finds a way 2 ruin things for people Heli jokes Veronica is defintly boy crazy well enough bout Veronica on 2 Heli heli birthday is feburay 19th  she is 14 yrs old and just bought a horse and named him Woody and it was  a dream come true  2 her all she has ever wanted is a horse and she finally  got one !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keenan MacWilliam-Carole Hansen  Carole owns Starlight on the show Starlight is the most beautiful horse  Carole is defentily    HORSE CRAZY well on to the girl who plays her Keenan MacWilliam Keenan did not do much riding at all before the show but she continued riding after series 1  she takes lessons also she doesnt own a horse but  she wants 2 . 1 time Keenan glued  Sophies boots 2 her feet they had 2 cut them off . her favorite music is jazz and blues favorite celebirtys r  Julie Andrews , Kirsten Dunst ,and Josh Harrnett

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Lara  Marshall-Lisa Attwood  Lisa is a strait a student and worrys a little to  much and she is the 3rd member of the saddle club so there  u have it the 3 members of The Saddle Club  Stevie Carole and Lisa on to Lara .Lara didnt ride much before the first season  but she always wanted 2 she  has always loved horses .after season 1  stopped filming Lara rode a couple of times but she had to catch up with her friends  and family  her favorite horse on the show was Sampson .She doesnt own a horse but she wants 2 . Her favorite episode was "Herdbound" . Her favorite food is her mums cooking.favorite books r The Saddle Club .Favorite movie is Moulin Rouge !


Sophie Bennett - Stevie Lake  Stevie is the tomboy of the group she is the practical  joker well on 2 Sophie . Sophie loves horse riding   and has been learning for many years she also plays soccer in her school team ice skates cycles and swims . her favorite school subjects are Reading ,French and Art   and she enjoys doing projects . Sophie recently took Ceramic classes  and is now interested in  clay and wood work and she has studied piano !